Procurement Management

  • Procurement Audit and Assurance services
  • Procurement advisory
    • Drafting Policy document
    • Out sourced tender evaluation
  • Transaction Advisory services
  • Procurement Agency services
  • Contract Management
  • Procurement capacity building and training
  • Contract document preparation
  • Procurement Management Information System (M.I.S)

Business Development

Carry out Feasibility Studies

Business strategy is one of the key factors in modern management operations.

We ensure that your business realizes its vision, Mission, and objectives an above all the bottom line. Using the modern concepts of strategy development like knowledge management based strategies, core competence based strategies, outsourcing and strategic alliances and partnerships based strategies, our team provides business strategy consulting services to governments and organizations in development activities and in commercial operations.

Developing winning business strategies for diverse situations.

We conduct evaluation strategies to ensure that they sync with the ongoing operational conditions of business establishments of the organization.  To ensure that the drafted ad a freed upon strategies are implemented as initially planned.

  • Developing Business and Strategic Plans,
  • Facilitating Strategic Planning Process,
  • Market Research
  • Corporate Structuring and Restructuring

Other Professional services

  1. Procurement and contract management – public private partnerships as well as public procurement.
  2. Real Estate Development and conveyance
  3. Corporate and commercial Law
  4. Intellectual property Rights – registration of trademarks, copy rights and patents
  5. Projects Finance and  infrastructure advisory
  6. Projects planning, Monitoring and Evaluation
  7. Banking and Finance and investment advisory
  8. Tax Advisory